Pay Your Bill Online

Click here to Pay Your Bill Online.  This will take you to our billing service’s payment portal.

Who can I contact with billing questions?

Magnolia Imaging Associates utilizes Acclaim Radiology Management for their billing services.  You can contact them at (800) 318-5578 or (662) 594-4127 to address questions about your bill.

Why do I sometimes receive two bills for my procedure?

Occasionally, you may receive two bills for an imaging procedure:

  1. One bill reimburses the radiologist, the physician interpreting and supervising the exam.  If you provided your insurance information when your services were performed, our billing company will file an insurance claim for you.  If not, please call (800) 318-5578 with that information.
  2. Another bill reimburses the hospital for providing the equipment and personnel performing the exam.  Magnolia Imaging Associates does not issue this bill.

Why am I receiving a bill from a doctor I never saw?

Depending on what exam you underwent, you may have not physically met the radiologist.  After your imaging exam was completed, the images were reviewed by a radiologist who issued a formal interpretation regarding the imaging findings.  The bill you receive is for this medical interpretation.  Occasionally, the radiologist may consult with you personally or contact your physician with findings on your exam.